How to get a good night's sleep

How Any Woman Can Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

OMG. Just go to sleep. Stop thinking. Just sleep already.


We have all been there. We’re lying in bed, trying to sleep, and of course, our “trying” is not working.

We’re either past the threshold and are now too tired or exhausted to sleep, maybe we have some anxiety about the day or the next day, or perhaps we have a massive to-do list that hasn’t been completed…

The racing thoughts just won’t stop, they’re out of control…

Eventually we fall asleep, maybe wake up a few times throughout the night, and are miserable or exhausted the next day.

That big to-do list I wanted to get done will definitely NOT get done because now I’m just dragging my feet around, or perhaps I’m angry about the crappy sleep I just had…

Oh great, the racing thoughts are back. How am I going to get anything done?


Why is this happening to me?

I’m tired of feeling like this.

What can I do about this?


First, if you have reached the point of asking yourself, “what can I do about this?” then you are in a great place of accepting personal responsibility.

A few words about how personal responsibility relates to sleep:

It’s so much easier to blame other people, situations, or events in our lives when anything isn’t going our way…

And I want to say congratulations to you for ending up on this blog, clearly taking charge of the situation and actively looking for a solution. I know you have been doing the best you can and have been making the best choices with the resources you have available.

So get this: Did you know you are actually in control of how well you are sleeping?

Even if your partner snores or keeps you up all night! Being in control means that you may have to voice your concerns to your partner; you may consciously decide that separate beds or rooms are a must; you may have to see if ear plugs help; or, play some white noise and drift off to sleep.   


Let’s start with pre-bed routine. Are you watching Netflix before bed?

Maybe there’s a good series on that you just can’t wait to finish. Maybe you’re watching a great murder series… the mystery of who is guilty has you biting your nails.

STOP IT. Turn the television off. Your mind is extremely subject to outside influences, especially at night and early morning.

What to do instead:
Fill your pre-bed routine with pleasure.

Fill your mind with love.

Fill it with calm and serenity.

Put your phone down AT LEAST a half hour before bed minimum… but try for an hour (and turn your blue light off on your phone… that doesn’t help.

It will actually keep you awake at night. I believe mine is set to change at 7 pm or dusk. If you want to learn more about blue light, visit


If you can let go of watching TV and phone usage at least an hour before bed, this will be a tiny change that can create a huge difference for you immediately. Start with baby steps.


So what to do instead? Below you will find various options for creating a sleep-inducing nightly routine:


  • Take this time to have a bath or shower
  • Read an EASY book (one that is positive/growth for the mind)
  • Mediate for however long you want. I personally love to meditate as I find it incredibly relaxing. Here is a simple 15 minute meditation you can use before bed:
  • Maybe you have a lot on your mind… write it down in a journal beside your bed. Get it on paper!
  • Make a list of your MOST IMPORTANT TASKS (MIT) to complete for the next day. Not a to-do list, an MIT list (read 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse).
  • Practice gratitude. Write a minimum of 3 things you are grateful for in your day, and at least one thing you can be proud of yourself for accomplishing/feeling/recognizing/ stopping etc.


Find what works for you. Allow your mind to drift to a better place, and you will find yourself nodding off to sleep before you know it.

Be well.


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