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The Simple 1-Minute Habit to Become Your Best Self

Question: What has been your most fulfilling moment today?

Go ahead, actually think of it. I’ll wait.

Good, now, when was the last time where you stood in silence, even if it was for a split second, and took a breath of fresh air?

Maybe you closed your eyes as you did this. Maybe the sun was shining in your face. Maybe there was a nice cool breeze moving through your body. Where were you when this happened?

The backyard? In the forest? On the beach? At the park?

Remember that specific time… (I’ll wait. Go back and actually remember that time).

And as you remember that moment, pay attention to the feelings within your body. You will begin to notice nothing but a sense of calm and connectedness to your inner self and the universe.

During my master coach training in Nevada, we were taught that the essence of who we are is light and love.


When I first heard this, I thought it was just interesting. However, as time passed by, and as I was working on developing myself and working with clients, I realized this was absolutely true.

As you begin to let go of what I call “your stuff” (aka fears, negative attitudes, worries, uncontrollable thoughts, panics, phobias, etc.), you will move to a place of love.


Dr. Wayne Dyer explains this perfectly with the metaphor of an orange:

When you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice.

You’ll never get another juice. Not grape juice, not apple juice. Only orange juice.

Why does orange juice come out? Because that’s what’s inside.

Now apply this to ourselves. What happens when someone squeezes you? Maybe they said or did something that offended you and you feel hurt by.

Out of you comes anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, tension, fear, etc. and we say the reason it came out of me is because he or she said/did that.

The TRUTH: what comes out is what’s inside.

Good news: you can control this.

It isn’t what people do to you, it’s how you react to what people do to you.

There are no accidents, only lessons. Everything is a lesson. You either learn from it or become a victim of it.

Think about this: You can’t give away what you don’t have. You can’t give love away if you don’t have it within yourself to give away. If you have anger, fear, and resentment, then that’s what you will give away in your life.

So where am I going with this?

Once you let go of your “stuff”, you will absolutely notice the light and love within you. You will then only have love to give. You will not only feel connected to yourself, but to those in your life and within your community as well. This I know for sure.

I hope this blog has been able to raise your personal awareness. Remember, you are more than you think you are.

Everything you need is inside of you. You just have to listen, and be willing to receive that information.

Start to pay attention to your breathing, your stresses, your reactions, your blame-game, your patterns, and all that you feel is hindering you from becoming your best self.

I’ll leave you off with a personal wellness challenge…

You can practice this for a week, or however long you would like! At the end of each day, try to reflect on your three most fulfilling moments that day.

What did you see/hear/smell/taste/feel?

As you go back and remember those moments, put your hands on your heart and really ‘lock-in’ ALL of the feelings you are feeling.

After doing this challenge for some time, notice the kind of change it has made in your life.  

Be good and be happy.


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