Throughout the years I have had the privilege to work with clients on the following:

Sleep disruption 

Relationship troubles

Sport performance

Emotional eating

Trauma intervention

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs

Lack of confidence, focus, clarity, & consistency

Managing emotional states

Stress reduction and increase energy levels

Balancing life

If you feel you fit into one or more of these categories and want some guidance getting back on track, please send a message!


In a Nutshell

You and I work 1-1 to achieve your goals and outcomes. This can be accomplished in-person, or online. You will receive a customized coaching plan suited to your exact need(s). We meet each week and work through the problem you are trying to solve. Each session will be different, some you will be releasing emotional “baggage”, and others will be goal setting, meditating, relaxing, etc! We take it day-by-day to ensure you are progressing in the way that feels right for you! 

"What made me the happiest about working with Jessica was that I always left her place motivated to succeed in my goals, I was surprised on how much I learned every time we met. I felt that counselling would only be good to vent, where coaching would give me a plan of action, which it did and some. Going through this experience makes you look at life a little differently. You learn different coping techniques, meditations, and learn ways to proceed in a positive manner, no matter what's thrown your way. You are more aware of "everything." Jessica is full of positive energy! I wouldn't change anything about her services. (Maybe more meditations because they're so relaxing, to the point where you almost doze off ) Lol".