• Working with Jessica has been quite helpful in all aspects of my life. It has improved my relationship with my friends, family, at work, and especially with my husband. Jess has helped me to get the negative thoughts about myself out, and bring positive and optimistic thoughts back in! She taught me techniques that have really improved my sleep patterns, I rarely struggle to sleep now. Being a nurse, I have to flip flop from nights to days and used to get such anxiety about my lack of sleep. Now I am able to get to bed in good time, read a book rather than have screen time before bed, and I allow myself to relax and have a good sleep. I am now more aware of my eating habits and have been meal prepping so that I eat properly in regards to my shift work, and am setting exercise goals that I can achieve. I feel like I have more energy now and can work through tasks that I felt were overwhelming before, such as purging clothes from my closet, more regular house cleaning, and getting landscaping done outside. So many beneficial aspects to working with Jessica!

  • Thank you for your amazing work, I am ON FIRE because of you!! Jessica began working with me to help maximize my performance by tacking some issues that were holding me back. I went to Jessica as I knew that I wasn’t performing to the best of my ability and wasn’t sure what the exact issue was. I had heard that Jessica was great at finding the root of a problem and had the ability to pull it out like a weed and install positive emotions in its place. Jessica lived up to the hype, as she not only found and got rid of the root problem, she also was able to detect other limiting beliefs that were holding me back and fixed those as well. This was over two weeks ago and I am still firing on all cylinders, gaining momentum and am well on my way to reaching my goals. Thank you Jessica for your outstanding work with me, I use the tools you gave me everyday to keep my high performance in every aspect of my life!

    Luke Baker
  • Jess is an amazing coach and a brilliant and beautiful woman!

    Stephanie Birt
  • I found that with your training system I was: Able to overcome personal doubts that I was holding on to from previous years with regards to my own abilities, both self generated and also from outside sources. Taught tools to enable me to focus my energies and thoughts in a positive manner for upcoming practices and games to become more confident and successful. Came to realize that these methods are not limited to my initial reason for reaching out to you, and that I am able to have more success in my life overall by using these teachings in my approach to all that I do. I always found my visits to you left me feeling more in control of my own reactions to outside forces and enjoyed your professional and positive attitude. Thank you for helping readjust my way of approaching life.

  • Before working with Jessica, I had stress, and some anxious feelings. After working together, I learned how to manage stress and balance life. Jessica was always there to check in with if I had a question or concern. She is very easy to talk to. After speaking with Jessica, she described and could relate to what I was going through so I felt she would be beneficial to work with. At first, I thought it was a lot of money. I wondered if it would “work”, but I chose to invest in myself. Now I would recommend this to anyone who might be on the fence! It is very motivating and encouraging to have someone in your corner through the process. Meditation was one of my favourite things to do with Jessica, especially outdoors.


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